Torture survivor leads Chileans’ battle for justice over Pinochet abuses

Inter-American court for human rights to give judgment on landmark compensation claim by 79-year-old Allende ally, Monday 6 May 2013 Leopoldo Garcia Lucero Leopoldo García Lucero carries a disfiguring zigzag scar above his left eye where a police officer lacerated his face with the stock of […]

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To London with a dictator on your tail

Featured by thephraser. . Mountains, lakes, troubled politics and deep mine shafts were my long-distance impressions of Chile.  I now have another – Sylvia Velásquez – a Latin-American life force. I first met Sylvia Velásquez in 2012 when she worked as an Empowerment Worker on the Engaging Communities […]

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Thatcher’s child

By Amelia Hill, The Guadian, 13.04.2013 ‘Thatcher was trying to smash everything that had helped us’ … Isabel Cortes, 41. Photograph: Sean Smith for the Guardian. Isabel Cortes was born in 1972, and came to England as a refugee from Chile when she was five. Arriving with […]

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María Vasquez-Aguilar, 2nd generation Chilean, tells how life was under Thatcher

By Maria Vasquez-Aguilar “I arrived, along with my familiy, from Chile as political exiles in 1978. We fled Pinochet’s facist dictatorship, and were greeted in the UK by a Labour party which still felt like Labour, trade unionists who still had a movement to be proud of, […]

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Neruda, Pinochet, and the Iron Lady (Versión en castellano al final del artículo)

April 10, 2013 Posted by Jon Lee Anderson,The New Yorker, It’s curious, historically speaking, that Margaret Thatcher died on the same day that forensic specialists, in Chile, exhumed the remains of the late, great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The author of the epic “Twenty Love Poems and […]

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Forty Years On! -Lest we forget.

John Dickie*-Norththampton’s dissenting voice, 22.02.2013 This September we will be commemorating the military coup that destroyed the legally elected Socialist government of President Allende in Chile. Somewhat like the military coup that brought Franco to power in Spain in 1938 the bodies of those murdered by the […]

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