Cambridge: An Evening Devoted to Víctor Jara

Dear members and friends of the Cambridge Society of CIoL,
This coming Saturday morning (9th November) at 11am in The Old Library Room at Darwin College, we will be holding a special event devoted to Chilean poet, singer-songwriter and political activist Victor Jara, to mark the 40th anniversary of the “Other 9/11”, the Coup in Chile on 11th September 1973, in the aftermath of which Jara was killed.
The event will be in three parts:
1) The screening of scenes from the play by our chairman Martin Pennock that was inspired by Jara’s life and death, “Hands of Hope“;
2) A talk by Hazel Marsh: El hombre es un creador: Víctor Jara and the Leftist Revival of Folk Traditions
Hazel Marsh has taught at UEA since 2001. Her background is in Latin American studies and her research interests include social movements, popular music and activism, politics and popular culture, collective memory, and the Romany Diaspora.
Víctor Jara (1932-1973) is frequently referred to as a ‘protest’ or ‘folk’ singer. In this presentation, Hazel Marsh will argue that these labels shed little light on Jara’s influence. She will argue that Jara pioneered a new attitude towards the composition and performance of song, and that this attitude changed the ways folk music traditions were used and understood in Latin America.
3) To conclude, the undersigned secretary, occasional folk singer, will sing a couple of Jara’s songs.
This event will be a little longer than our usual events, but will conclude before 1pm.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
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