15.06.2013 Gloucestershire: Victor Jara, 40 Years On

40 years ago the legendary Chilean musician Victor Jara was tortured and murdered following the bloody military coup of General Pinochet.

On the evening of Saturday June 15th at 7.30 in THE GARDEN CAFE the Chilean musician and exile Jorge Morales will be joined by members of a Welsh based Latino Mystic folk band, Cloud Cuckoo  to perform revolutionary anthems of Latin America as well as lively and joyous Latino rythms

 The evening will celebrate the timeless music of Victor Jara and other artists who are part of the ”Chilean New Song” movement

 Admission £5 with a selection of typical Chilean dishes available for supper £10.00

 reservations only.

  Tel 01594 860075  email: gardencafe [at] btinternet.com

Organised by: Tony Corden and Cristina Solano

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